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Welcome to the Jobs London website, which offers details of recruitment agencies for vacancies in the capital of England, UK. We are also creating pages of organisations offering employment services and advice.

The Recruitment London pages of our site include staffing agency contact details and allow you to search by industry. Choose an industry below to start looking for contact details. There are employment companies to cater for professionals in virtually every industry.

In alphabetical order:

Accounting Recruitment London – companies offering accounting roles for accountants, financial analysts and professional accountancy support staff.

Administration Recruitment London – for general administration work.

Advertising Recruitment London – find vacancies within the field of advertising.

Architectural Recruitment London – agencies dealing technical architectural roles.

Banking Recruitment London – for financial services and banking job vacancies in London.

Bar Recruitment London – look for an agency working with skilled bar staff.

Building Recruitment London – labouring, technical and management building work.

CAD Recruitment London – computer aided design / CAD.

Call Centre Recruitment London – for contact or call centre positions.

Catering Recruitment London – for chefs, kitchen assistants and other catering staff.

Charity Recruitment London – find voluntary or paid charity vacancies.

Chemical engineering Recruitment London – personnel consultants offering UK jobs for chemical engineers.

Civil engineering Recruitment London – employment in civil engineering.

Cleaning Recruitment London – for private household or office cleaning personnel.

Customer Service Recruitment London – public or private sector customer services.

Design Recruitment London – for creative of technical design roles.

Driving Recruitment London – search for car, HGV or van driving jobs London.

Education Recruitment London – public or private education.

Electrical engineering Recruitment London – for qualified electrical staff.

Environmental Recruitment London – conservation or environmental engineering.

Events Recruitment London for exhibition and events management.

Finance Recruitment London – contacts for banking and finance job vacancies in London UK.

Government Recruitment London – central or local government employment.

Graphic design Recruitment London – creative graphic design work in print or digital media.

Health and safety Recruitment London – enquire about advisory roles in health and safety.

Healthcare Recruitment London – public or private healthcare recruitment.

Hospitality Recruitment London – for hotel or leisure hospitality personnel.

Hotel Recruitment London – management, customer service and other hotel positions.

HR Recruitment
– find human resources / HR jobs in London, South East England.

Insurance Recruitment London – financial services employment within the insurance industry.

Interior design Recruitment London – look for roles for interior designers.

Internet Recruitment London – search online / Internet roles for employers or recruitment agencies.

IT Recruitment London – companies that deal with information technology / IT roles.

Journalism Recruitment London – employment in TV, radio or newspaper journalism.

Legal Recruitment London – solicitor, barrister and other legal appointments.

Leisure Recruitment London – look for job vacancies in the leisure industry.

Logistics Recruitment London – supply chain or logistics management.

Management Recruitment London – employment in executive and management roles.

Manufacturing Recruitment London – find an agency for UK production and manufacturing work.

Marketing Recruitment London – search for / fill a traditional or online marketing job vacancy.

engineering Recruitment London
– for positions in mechanical engineering.

Media Recruitment London – traditional or new media recruitment.

Medical Recruitment London – for qualified and experienced medical professionals.

Recruitment London
– for hospital or private clinic nursing jobs in London.

Office Recruitment London – supporting clerical office work in the capital.

Pharmaceutical Recruitment London – research or scientific pharmaceutical employment.

PR Recruitment London – appointments for public relations or PR work.

Quality Assurance Recruitment London – working with QA / quality assurance positions.

Retail Recruitment London – from employment agencies or retail companies.

Sales Recruitment London – find agency details for London based sales staff.

Science Recruitment London – for UK jobs in physics, chemistry or biological science.

Secretarial Recruitment London – delivering office secretarial support to management.

Security Recruitment London – search for security employment services in South East England, UK.

Sports Recruitment London – fill vacancies or find UK work within sports or exercise.

Teaching Recruitment London – for nursery, SEN, primary or secondary teaching jobs.

Telecoms Recruitment London – UK employment within the telecoms industry.

Telesales Recruitment London – general or specialist recruitment within the field of telesales.

Translation Recruitment London – dealing with language translation job vacancies.

Travel Recruitment London – for UK and overseas travel staff.

Web design Recruitment London – for technical positions in web design and development.

If you are looking for job vacancies in London then browse these general personal / staffing services and specialist employment agencies.

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